Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious medical condition.  Recent advancements in monitoring, screening and digital scanning software as well as the production of lower volume oral appliances has made the dental treatment of this condition a viable and preferred option for mild to moderate OSA patients.  The integration of CBCT xray and digital scanning with proprietary software screening allows for a smooth digital “one stop” in office workflow.

If a patient is screened to be a potential sleep apnea patient, a sleep apnea questionnaire should be given to the patient. A 3D CBCT can be performed to have a visual representation of the patient’s airway. A sleep exam can be given to diagnose Sleep apnea, or to see if the patient is eligible for an oral appliance. Once the Theragnostic is completed, if eligible, an optimal therapeutic position will be given. A CAD/CAM scan of the arches must be completed and a new 3D CBCT scan at the optimal position must be taken. The two files are then merged and an appliance is ordered.